Your Financial FAQ

  1. How much does IVF cost?
  2. How much do the medications for IVF cost?
  3. How much does an IUI cost?
  4. Do you have package pricing?
  5. Do you take my insurance?
  6. Will my insurance cover my treatment?
  7. Will my insurance cover my medications?
  8. Fertility Treatment Insurance Coverage
  9. I have Medicare or Medicaid. How much will these plans cover?
  10. How much does a Tubal Reversal cost?
  11. Does insurance cover Tubal Reversal?
  12. Do you have financing available?
  13. What is WinFertility?
  14. What is Prosper Healthcare Lending?

Dear Dr. Keenan and Staff of NEDC, We are just overjoyed with the blessings we have been given. Thank you for your kindness and support through the whole process. We are so thankful for our sweet, beautiful children. L.S., Fairfax, VA
~ L.S., Fairfax, VA