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Dr. Keenan and staff, Each of you have helped to make this journey an easier one. Your expert care and personal delivery of care encouraged me and gave me strength. Working with such a special team makes our success a sweeter one. L.H., Knoxville, Tennessee
~ L.H., Knoxville, Tennessee
Dr. John GordonDr. Jeffrey KeenanDr. Jeffrey Keenan

Dr. Gordon, Dr. Keenan and Ciera Roberts, Board Certified Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, work collaboratively to provide you with holistic care and multidisciplinary treatment. You will receive compassionate care and the most up to date treatments available. Click here or call today to schedule an appointment.

Learn More About Dr. Gordon

After 20 years in practice in the Washinton DC area, Dr. Gordon is happy to be here in the great state of Tennessee. Dr. Gordon's practice performed more than 1500 assisted reproduction cycles per year. In addition, they were the largest providers of Natural Cycle IVF in the nation. If you are interested in learning more about NC IVF then make an appointment to see Dr. Gordon.

Dr. Gordon has a number of helpful blog posts. To learn a bit more about Dr. Gordon and his wife Allison, please check out this video produced by our colleagues at the National Embryo Donation Center.

Arlington Magazine Top Doctor 2019
Top Doctor Washingtonian 2018
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Northern Virginian Magazine 2018 Top Doctors

Frozen More Than 24 Years, Born Perfectly Healthy!

What once sounded like science fiction became reality when a 26-year-old gave birth to an embryo frozen for more than 24 years, and it happened right here in East Tennessee! In fact, she was our patient! In late 2017, Tina Gibson gave birth to baby Emma Wren, delivering the world's longest-frozen embryo to successfully come to birth. Tina and her husband Benjamin were embryo-receiving parents through the National Embryo Donation Center and had their frozen embryo transfer (FET) performed through us. This story made global headlines! Click here to view the coverage on Good Morning America. We're so happy for the entire Gibson family!

Fall Update 2019

Fall is in the air...on some days, and kids are back in school. Now is a good time to reach out and make an appointment to discuss your fertility concerns with our outstanding staff.  Call today to schedule an appointment! Our front office staff would be happy to help you take that first step. Call us at (865) 777-0088.

Newest Member of the Family

Congratulations to Taylor, our front office coordinator, and her family, as they welcomed sweet Olivia on May 24, 2019!

Nurse Practitioner Schedule

Ciera's schedule is up and running, and she is eager to help you achieve your goals! Whether you'’re seeking to grow your family, would like a fertility checkup, have a GYN problem, or simply want to maintain your health through annual preventive screenings, she is happy to assist you. Please call today for an appointment.

Don't Forget about the Fertility Check-Up!

We continue to offer the Fertility Check-Up for those who are not ready for children yet, but would like to know if it is a good idea to wait. Schedule an appointment with Ciera today to learn about your egg supply and relative fertility score.

Literature Review

Intravaginal Culture a Viable Alternative Option for ART?

A randomized, open-label, controlled study of 40 women, conducted in Texas, compared the efficacy of intravaginal culture (IVC) of embryos in INVOcell to traditional in vitro fertiliztion (IVF) incubators in a laboratory setting. IVC places oocytes and sperm into a gas permeable culture device (INVOcell), which is then inserted into the vaginal cavity for incubation. This technique allows fertilization and embryo development to occur inside the body.

Results of this study indicated that IVF was superior in creating a greater number of quality blastocyts; however, both IVF and IVC produced equivalent blastocysts for transfer and similar live birth rates. What does this mean? While additional studies are indicated, this study suggests that IVC, using the INVOcell device, is a viable alternative to traditional IVF. This may be a good option for patients with moral convictions regarding fertilization occurring outside the body.

Platelet-rich Plasma to Improve Endometrial Receptivity

The use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for a number of orthopedic conditions, ophthalmology, hair restoration, and cosmetic procedures has been gaining increasing attention. Recently, the use of PRP to improve endometrial receptivity has been examined in the setting of infertility.

Platelets contain many bioactive proteins, which have a fundamental role in hemostasis and tissue healing. Activation of platelets results in secretion of seven fundamental growth factors, which initiate wound healing, and may also improve endometrial receptivity to embryo implantation and allow improved response of the lining to estrogen.

In order for embryo implantation to occur, the endometrial lining must have adequate thickness and receptivity. Studies have shown that intrauterine infusion of autologous PRP in infertile women with suboptimal endometrium resulted in improved endometrial growth and fertility treatment outcomes. While more research is indicated, this therapy may be a promising option for patients struggling with thin endometrium.

I am trying to get pregnant. I just have a question. I think I am haivng hormonal problems. I am having irregular cycles. I think I need IVF I think I need surgery. I am having pelvic pain. I am having miscarriages.