Kelly, I just wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. [We] have wanted a baby for 5 years, and its amazing to see the compassion and understanding you guys have put into that. I am and will be forever grateful for Dr.Keenan and his staff. As soon as you met me for the first time you showed nothing but compassion and understanding to me. I am excited to continue to work with you guys and hopefully have a great outcome to the situation. I pray God blesses you with all of your heart's desires and wants. You have made a very stressful situation turn into a exciting and happy experience. It will be my pleasure to continue to work with such an understanding person as you. God bless you and guide you always. S.R.
~ S.R.
I am trying to get pregnant. I just have a question. I think I am haivng hormonal problems. I am having irregular cycles. I think I need IVF I think I need surgery. I am having pelvic pain. I am having miscarriages.