Autumn, Thank you so much for all you did for us in the past 2 months. My husband and I prayed for months before calling Dr. Keenan's office again. I remember sitting at our table dialing the number. My last prayer was that if this was God's plan an appointment would be available soon. I felt an amazing feeling of peace when Bonita asked if we could come the next day. Yours and Dr. Keenan's compassion for patients is amazing. Every time we came in, we felt you all truly cared and felt as if God was in the decision. Thank you very much for your patience with every silly question we asked! Your late Thursday appointments were amazing! Please continue to pray for us as we continue this journey! Hope you have a Happy Happy Easter! K.L., Maryville, TN
~ K.L., Maryville, TN
I am trying to get pregnant. I just have a question. I think I am haivng hormonal problems. I am having irregular cycles. I think I need IVF I think I need surgery. I am having pelvic pain. I am having miscarriages.