Pelvic pain is a common condition that can be terribly disruptive to a woman's daily life. It is difficult to enjoy life's pleasures when pain is constantly present. There are many causes of pelvic pain, and fortunately, there are many approaches to relieve and even cure this condition. We offer approaches that range from medication and lifestyle changes to physical therapy and surgery, depending on the cause and your desires. Call or click here to contact our Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Ciera Roberts, today for an appointment, and we can begin the journey to a life with less pain!

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the sincerity of you and your staff at every appointment. Going through fertility treatment can be a very emotional journey. Though I realize how fortunate I am to be pregnant with twins in the amount of time I was your patient, I realize many others have a harder & longer process. They are in good hands... You have a way of relaying information in a neutral connotation. I think that is one of your gifts -- you don't want to give a false hope or be negative. You delivered such news about our 50/50 chance of miscarriage in such a way. When it was determined that I would have a miscarriage later, that news was given to us in the most kind way possible. The fact that you and your staff have a genuine care & concern for patients make your clinic unique and very warm. I am so glad we chose SE Fertility Clinic to assist us with our dream of having a baby -- I am doubly blessed with twins! I'll never hesitate to refer anyone to you as I have the greatest respect for you & your staff. Thank you for a wonderful experience. God bless each of you & guide your practice always. T.T.
~ T.T.
I am trying to get pregnant. I just have a question. I think I am haivng hormonal problems. I am having irregular cycles. I think I need IVF I think I need surgery. I am having pelvic pain. I am having miscarriages.