What Others Are Saying...

What once sounded like science fiction became reality when a 26-year-old gave birth to an embryo frozen for more than 24 years, and it happened right here in East Tennessee! In fact, she was our patient! In late 2017, Tina Gibson gave birth to baby Emma Wren, delivering the world's longest-frozen embryo to successfully come to birth. Tina and her husband Benjamin were embryo-receiving parents through the National Embryo Donation Center and had their frozen embryo transfer (FET) performed through us. This story made global headlines and was featured on Good Morning America! We're so happy for the entire Gibson family!

Dr. Keenan saw me November of 2018. As of March 2019, I have a positive pregnancy test, and so far all is going wonderfully. I highly recommend seeing him for your consultation. This staff is amazing. I have felt at home from visit one, and Dr. Keenan and his staff have walked me through every step with kindness and understanding. The confidence Dr. Keenan presented to me made me feel at ease, and the proof was most certainly shown in his work. I can never extend my gratitude enough.
~ A.A., Lenoir City, TN

Dr. Keenan and Staff,
Thank you all so much for the work you do and the role you play in people's lives. You helped us make our dreams come true with our miracle daughter. Your kindness and hospitality during our journey was so appreciated, and we’re so thankful.
~ A. & T. R.

Autumn, With your help, I was able to conceive after almost two years of being unsuccessful. This month we celebrated my little girl's 2nd birthday! I've been thinking about you and the entire staff at the center. I just wanted to again say thank you for all you did for me and my family. Without you, Dr. Keenan, and staff we would have not had a reason to celebrate. I hope all of you are doing well. Thanks again!
~ M.M., Dandridge, Tennessee

Dr. Keenan, Autumn, Mari, Lynda, Sherry, Juliana, Bonita, and Camille, From our first appointment, we were scared, nervous, and didn't know what to expect, but everyone that day (and each day forward) made us feel so welcome. Thank you for making what could have been a horrible experience into such a positive one! We both have always appreciated the availability of every at the office. I never felt like I couldn't call for a quick question (and sorry for all the quick questions). We are so blessed to have been patients at your office. Most of all, thank you for your determination to help us have a family. We are so so excited to be parents! We will being the babies by as soon as we can.
~ S. & C. S. - Knoxville, Tennessee

I could never begin to fully express my gratitude for how thankful I am to have found this office and it's wonderful staff. I have spent many years seeing different specialists and doctors, and I was always either disrespected, judged, ignored, or turned away if I ever mentioned endometriosis. However, this place is completely different. From the check-in ladies, to the nurses, the providers (Autumn and Dr. Keenan), and to everyone in between, every time I'm here, I am treated with the respect and treatment I have longly desired and looked for. I am forever thankful for Dr. Keenan and the staff and so appreciative for all that has been done for me and my endometriosis. Because of you all, and the very brilliant Dr. Keenan, I can happily look forward to planning on having a family one day. Thank you for being my "safe place" and for never judging me. I couldn't have asked for or dreamed of ever having such a caring, brilliant, and wonderful doctor and his team. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
~ S. W., Knoxville, Tennessee

We welcomed our son into the world in December and wanted to send a big thank you to Dr. Keenan, Autumn, the nurses, and entire staff for all of their help. We were impressed with the high level of care we received and would recommend the center to others experiencing infertility struggles. Thank you for helping us expand our family. We could not be happier!
~ V.N., Knoxville, Tennessee

Autumn, You were a light to us in a very dark place and you will always hold a special place in our hearts. The work you do MATTERS!
~ K.M., Knoxville, Tennessee

I'd just like to take a minute to thank all of the team for the excellent care they gave my husband and me. Our journey wasn't near as long as some women's, but it was still very difficult at times. However, from day one, Autumn Galbraith was reassuring. She very quickly was able to diagnose me with PCOS, and I promptly started to cry. She was oblivious to my despair, but her next sentence was, "But we'll get ya pregnant!" In that moment, I felt such encouragement! She'll never know the weight lifted. Over time, I was able to get to really interact with her, Mari, Lynda, Sherry, Bonita, Carol, Camille, and Dr. Keenan. They all treated me with respect, dignity, and kindness. I felt valued and validated. My concerns were addressed and I was constantly reassured. After only 3 months, we're expecting our little pumpkin in November! Thank you to each of you for everything!
~ R.H. Knoxville, Tennessee

Autumn, God has really blessed us and your kindness, attention, and professional group helped make it happen!
~ R.H. Knoxville, Tennessee

My sweet Emma Grace turned 1 year old yesterday! I cannot thank Dr. Keenan and Autumn enough for helping me through my infertility struggle. You have been such a blessing to me and my family! Thank you for my precious daughter!
~ M.J., Knoxville, Tennessee

Love you guys!
~ A.B., Knoxville, Tennessee

Absolutely fantastic staff. Caring, compassionate, and helpful. Answered all our questions.
~ A.M., Lebanon, Tennessee

They were great here and really paid attention to detail. They were great helping me with infertility issues. The doctor took me seriously and helped us welcome our little girl into the world.
~ J.L., Nashville, Tennessee

We had such a wonderful experience! Everyone here was knowledgeable, efficient, and truly cared about our journey. We drove 6 hours round trip to be treated by Dr. Keenan and his team. They were a breath of fresh air during some of our darkest days. They helped us conceive our sweet baby girl and we are forever grateful. We highly recommend Southeastern Center for Fertility and Reproductive Surgery.
~ E.T., Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Blessed beyond measure to have found Dr. Keenan and his staff. We are so thankful for the opportunity to become parents. Thank you a million times over!!
~ K.S, Knoxville Tennessee

Dr. Jeffrey Keenan was very nice, and he gave his input on things and made things easy to understand. Thank you so much! Now I feel that life will be easier knowing that Dr. Keenan and his staff understand us and can guide us though this time. We are not alone anymore! Thank you just isn't enough!
~ P.A., Knoxville, Tennessee

Dear Dr. Keenan and Staff of NEDC, We are just overjoyed with the blessings we have been given. Thank you for your kindness and support through the whole process. We are so thankful for our sweet, beautiful children.
~ L.S., Fairfax, Virginia

Dear Dr. Keenan and Staff, Thank you for remembering and caring for the embryos. Thank you for raising awareness of them and for making families like ours possible. Our son is a perfect match for us, and he wouldn't be here without your help.
~ H.M., Roanoke, Virginia

Dr. Keenan, We wanted to send you a picture of our little miracle... Thanks again for being so patient and always returning all those phone calls and being there when we needed you.
~ M.B., Oak Ridge

Dr. Keenan, We can never say thank you enough for our son. We will be back to see you in about a year. Your IVF program is great!
~ R.W., Middlesboro, Kentucky

Dr. Keenan and staff, Each of you have helped to make this journey an easier one. Your expert care and personal delivery of care encouraged me and gave me strength. Working with such a special team makes our success a sweeter one.
~ L.H., Knoxville, Tennessee

Dr. Keenan, Compassion and competence are two traits I routinely see fading from the medical field. Your office was a glimmer of hope that it does still exist.
~ P.S., Lake Lure, North Carolina

Dear Dr. Keenan, ...You have patiently worked with us, helped educate us, and you have persevered with us in the midst of great frustration and pain... As a pastor, I have had hundreds of indirect and a few direct encounters with physicians, and I have met no one who equals your compassion and concern for the patient...
~ M.C., Cookeville, Tennessee

Dr. Keenan and staff, Scott and I wanted to thank you and your staff again for helping us bring our baby into the world. We really appreciate your aggressiveness and your willingness to answer all of our questions - goodness knows we had plenty. Thank you once more.
~ K.H., Knoxville, Tennessee

Dr. Keenan, I never dreamed I would ever become a mother again. This mother's day is very special to me for I know I had a miracle baby. Without you and God, my little girl would not be here today.
~ T.B., Jefferson City, Tennessee

Dear Dr. Keenan, You have stitched me up so many times I thought I would stitch you something up (sure hope you didn't make as many mistakes as I did). Thanks. I hope you enjoy the needlepoint.
~ S.R., Maryville, Tennessee

Dr. Keenan, For eight years we have gone to my grandmother's to celebrate Christmas with my family and all the nieces and nephews, and every year I have cried on the way home and always said, maybe next year we will have a child. I know I will cry on the way home, but it will feel wonderful to be crying tears of joy and thankfulness. Just because I have a child now, I haven't forgotten your patience. I want everyone to experience this wonderful feeling. Thank you again for our special gift.
~ S.M., Farragut, Tennessee

N.M., Knoxville, Tennessee

Dr. Keenan and Staff, She is 4 months old now, and she is the joy of everyone's life! Especially ours. We cannot thank you enough for helping us bring this perfect little angel into the world. You and your staff are the best. You were all so caring and treated us like family. We love you. (Maybe we will see you again soon!
~ N.M., Knoxville, TN

Dear Dr. Keenan, Your careful attention, compassionate spirit and great expertise provided such comfort to us during a very emotional time. Many thanks to you and your staff.
~ A.P., Knoxville, Tennessee

Dr. Keenan, Thanks for your quick reply! By the way, I found your web page to be the most interesting and have more information on microsurgery than any I have found yet! Thanks!
~ L.M., South Carolina


My husband & I tried to get pregnant, but due to some complications I had, we thought we would never have children (which was EXTREMELY upsetting to me). I came to Dr. Keenan & his staff as a "last ditch effort" to conceive. I will NEVER forget Dr. Keenan's positive attitude as he reassured me, "We can get you pregnant..." during one of my visits. I'm sure he said a lot more than that, but that promise still rings in my ears as I look at my BEAUTIFUL twins! God used Dr. Keenan, and his staff (we love our nurse Mari!), to build a loving family... The entire staff were like friends to me by the time I got pregnant and had to leave their facility... I am ever so grateful for this wonderful group of people who helped my husband and I so VERY much. There are no words to describe our gratitude, and we would HIGHLY recommend this group to anyone having troubles getting pregnant. Thank you Dr. Keenan, Mari, and all the staff. You will never know what a huge impact you have made in the lives of our family!
~ M.A.

Autumn, I could tell that you were sincere, and as you spoke to us, I knew it was hard for you to deliver such sad news. Your honest, sincere way of telling us such horrible news really meant a lot to us. I know you are a young practitioner and that you may have to tell many other couples to expect a miscarriage in the future. It is my hope for you that you won't let it become routine and loose the heart you had with us that day. The kind and compassionate way you handled our situation has not been forgotten.
~ T.T.

Kelly, I just wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. [We] have wanted a baby for 5 years, and its amazing to see the compassion and understanding you guys have put into that. I am and will be forever grateful for Dr.Keenan and his staff. As soon as you met me for the first time you showed nothing but compassion and understanding to me. I am excited to continue to work with you guys and hopefully have a great outcome to the situation. I pray God blesses you with all of your heart's desires and wants. You have made a very stressful situation turn into a exciting and happy experience. It will be my pleasure to continue to work with such an understanding person as you. God bless you and guide you always.
~ S.R.

Dr. Keenan, We wanted to say thank you for everything! You made it possible for us to be parents. Words cannot express how grateful and thankful we are for you. God has blessed you with an amazing gift, and thanks to the both of you we now have our gift. Thank you again!
~ J.P.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the sincerity of you and your staff at every appointment. Going through fertility treatment can be a very emotional journey. Though I realize how fortunate I am to be pregnant with twins in the amount of time I was your patient, I realize many others have a harder & longer process. They are in good hands... You have a way of relaying information in a neutral connotation. I think that is one of your gifts -- you don't want to give a false hope or be negative. You delivered such news about our 50/50 chance of miscarriage in such a way. When it was determined that I would have a miscarriage later, that news was given to us in the most kind way possible. The fact that you and your staff have a genuine care & concern for patients make your clinic unique and very warm. I am so glad we chose SE Fertility Clinic to assist us with our dream of having a baby -- I am doubly blessed with twins! I'll never hesitate to refer anyone to you as I have the greatest respect for you & your staff. Thank you for a wonderful experience. God bless each of you & guide your practice always.
~ T.T.

Dear Dr. Keenan, It has been a year since you performed surgery on me and I wanted to say thank you again in remembrance of our anniversary! I was travelling and was referred to you. I am so grateful that you saw me immediately and operated, even though you were leaving later that week for your volunteer work in Haiti. It is a testament to your commitment to helping those in need. I could not get help near my home. Since your surgery, I am totally free of pain and I am forever grateful.
~ J.M., Canada

I just wanted to say thank you for your willingness to help my husband and me in such a short amount of time. As soon as I was told my diagnosis, it seemed as if my world as I knew it was being taken away one piece at a time. Although, no one knows what the final outcome will be, it was comforting to know there is still hope for us to have children of our own, and we were able to act quickly. I really appreciate you and your staff for all your help and guidance along the way. Thank you and take care.
~ J.B.

Autumn, Thank you so much for all you did for us in the past 2 months. My husband and I prayed for months before calling Dr. Keenan's office again. I remember sitting at our table dialing the number. My last prayer was that if this was God's plan an appointment would be available soon. I felt an amazing feeling of peace when Bonita asked if we could come the next day. Yours and Dr. Keenan's compassion for patients is amazing. Every time we came in, we felt you all truly cared and felt as if God was in the decision. Thank you very much for your patience with every silly question we asked! Your late Thursday appointments were amazing! Please continue to pray for us as we continue this journey! Hope you have a Happy Happy Easter!
~ K.L., Maryville, TN

Dear Autumn, Thank you so much for your help during our time with Dr. Keenan. We are so grateful for the opportunity to become parents. You were always attentive and helpful in answering all of our questions and concerns. I know you will continue to touch many lives.
~ K.S., Knoxville, TN

Autumn, The staff at Southeastern Center for Fertility and Reproductive Surgery have all been extremely nice, comforting and supportive. Ultimately, I feel the most gratitude towards you. We worked with you the most and I hounded you with countless e-mails. I am not sure how I would have gotten through this journey without you. My OB is amazing but it just won't be the same not seeing you. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything!
~ N.W., Knoxville, TN